New Year’s Resolution: Make at Home – Save at the Store

nysaveOne of my favorite snacks is granola. I eat it with soy milk, vanilla yogurt, mixed with cereal – and even by the handful.  It is such a nutritious snack and full of fiber, that it is a great alternative to a bag of chips or sugary cereal.  Unfortunately, my ambition to keep it part of my diet has seriously impacted my wallet because it can be so expensive! For a 12 oz bag of Bare Naked Granola I yield about 1 and ½ cups of granola at $4.84. If I’m lucky, I can make four servings out of one package. I decided to make my own granola at home, to see if it was more economical.

Bag of Banana Chips $1.99
Dehydrated Raspberries $3.29
Slivered Almonds $4.49
Macadamia Nuts $5.49
18 oz Canister of Rolled Oats $2.99
Ingredients found at home: Water, Honey, Jam and Vanilla, Chocolate Chips

  • After breaking up the Banana Chips and Macadamia Nuts in a small food processor, I added them to a large bowl containing all of the rolled oats. I added the fruit and nuts to my liking – and a handful of chocolate chips I found at the back of my pantry!
  • Into a standing mixer, I poured half of a cup of honey and a few spoonfuls of my favorite jam (pomegranate rhubarb to be exact) and two teaspoons of vanilla. Adding a cup of water I blended the mixture on a low speed. I then measured the dry mixture, a cup at a time, into the the standing mixer, allowing the granola to mix in well with the honey and jam before adding more while thickening.  After the dry and wet goods seemed to have evenly mixed, I spooned some out to lay flat on a foil-covered baking sheet. Using a spatula I spread the whole batch over two sheets, and baked on 275 degrees for just under two hours, stirring every fifteen so as to make sure the bottom did not


  • While the cook time was extensive, the prep took literally five minutes – and I ended up with just over 12 cups of healthy, homemade granola – free of sugars and oils!


The total cost of My Savvy Granola cost $18.25 (about $1.52 per cup). In the end, I yielded as much granola as 8 bags of Bare Naked, saving myself $17.59 in groceries, and many trips to the store!  I will be making my own granola from now on, and I can’t wait to customize it with different fruits and nuts!





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