Tofu Lover


I love meat! A nice steak marinated in a concoction of Asian spices and American sauces is often the go-to dish for dinner parties and family meals. I love meat so much that I even eat steak as a snack at 2 AM, such that I have become fodder for meat jokes amongst family and friends.

That’s the old me! My New Year resolution is to cut back on red meat. There are many arguments for why one should eat less meat, but for me, it’s about eating holistically, saving the environment, and reducing my grocery expenses.

I now embrace my childhood love of tofu, which used to be an acquired taste and was mainly found in Asian dishes, but can now be found in many stores and delectable dishes. I’ve gone as far as using it as a main ingredient in spring rolls along with cilantro, cucumbers, mint, lettuce, and vermicelli!

So next time you’re thinking of skipping meat, turn to organic tofu lightly salted and cooked with olive oil, crushed garlic, and soy sauce. Add some rice and steamed vegetables, and you got a pretty healthy hit!

For more recipes and history on tofu, check out Andrea Nguyen’s upcoming book Asian Tofu and blog.

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