New Year’s Resolution: Save Big on Baby Products

Did you know that most babies are born in September and August? According to, in 2010, the most births occurred in September followed by August. Well, that means soon-to-be parents are getting ready for the big day now. Babies are wonderful – they bring happiness and new meaning to our lives – and lots of expenses to our credit cards. Car seats, diapers, clothes, bottles, strollers – these are just a few of the essentials they must have, and the list is long. This is why parents need to be super savvy when it comes to buying for their kids to ensure that they’re getting safe products at the lowest possible price.

Case in point is this week’s Target sale taking place online and in store. Remember that many large retailers now offer free shipping as a standard feature of online shopping and often have items online that they may not carry in their stores.

Recommendation #1: Start with online sales. It’ll save you time, energy, and a few hours of crying babies.

Just because you’re no longer determined to take a road trip to the store doesn’t mean that you need to get everything on one site just because they’re having their “biggest Baby Sales of the Year” and you want to get free shipping to feel extra good. Ten minutes later we had a pretty good idea of where we would want to purchase them:

Graco Snugride 35 was cheapest at Target; Chicco Keyfit 30 was equally priced at Target and; while offered the lowest price by far on Britax Boulevard 70.

Recommendation #2: Spend a few minutes on these price comparison sites to make sure that whatever you’re buying for your kid is best priced.

Figure out what items you need (that’s a whole new blog post altogether given the many different views of what is “essential” held by various parents), and do price comparison, as we’ve done using the following sites to search for three different car seats:

  1. Yahoo Shopping
  2. Google Products
  3. Price Grabber

It’s well worth it – in the case of Britax Boulevard car seat, you would have saved $40 by going with That should put a smile on your face.

If there are other price comparison sites that you know of that we didn’t mention, let us know – we’ll be glad to include them in future posts.

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