New Year’s Resolution: Cleaning Out the Kitchen

As much as we try to use tote bags for everyday errands and groceries, those small plastic shopping bags always seem to collect in the bottom drawers of the kitchen. They are useful for the smaller trash cans around the house, which provides a great way to save on garbage bag costs.  While cleaning my kitchen the other day, I discovered a bottom drawer burgeoning with plastic bags that needed some serious attention. I recalled a contraption my mother has fixed to her pantry door that corals and dispenses old plastic bags, but I knew there was an easier way to store these pesky baggies without breaking out my power drill. Additionally, I discovered the cost of one of the dispensers could range from $6-$26, depending on the distributor. Determined to spend nothing, I lent from an article in Real Simple from a few months back, which suggested the use of an old tissue box.  The tissue box, which fits conveniently in my bottom drawer, allows me to stuff many plastic bags out-of-sight, with a handy little opening for when I need to use one – just like a tissue! If you’re displaying this Savvy distributor on a shelf, cover it in cute wrapping paper or construction paper to match your decor – and no one will know the difference.
Got your own Savvy recycling story? Tell us about it.

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