10 Products We Love!

Utensil Pen Caps!
$7.95 at FunSlurp.com

Minimize excess waste when you dine with these awesome pen toppers. Eat anywhere – anytime!

Spotify – 30 Day Free Trial – $9.99 Premium Access

This UK software import allows access to millions of songs and artists right from your phone or computer. Stream live or download data to your cloud for unlimited use!

10products2 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara – $4.44 at Target

You don’t need expensive applicators and formulas for luscious lashes – just the right technique, and a reliable product.

10products3Spanx Reversible Tights
– $34 at spanx.com

These tight-end tights are black on one side and a color on the other. They are thicker, warmer and slimmer than any other product out there – and they last forever!

Earworms Language Learning Software $24

This state-of-the-art teaching technique is a great way to get those foreign catch phrases back into your brain – and it’s affordable!

Skillshare – Learn anything from anyone in this growing network of information-sharers. Track classes and lectures anywhere on the map and pay as you learn!

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