Make Room for Summer Style

When the season (finally!) switches to summer, so must your wardrobe. To make room for those stunning new sundresses and beach-inspired basics, clean out your closets and stow away those stodgy-old sweaters. Here are some simple tips to help you manage your mess and maximize your storage capabilities!

Store items that are out-of-season in plastic storage containers. Hard plastic seal-able basins provide storage space for all those bulky winter coats, sweaters and scarves which take up valuable space in your closet. Protective against water, dust and mold, these stack-able plastic containers are available at Target for under $10 in multiple colors and sizes.

Invest in adjustable shelving that can be manipulated and changed throughout the year. As the items in your closet change over time, so should the space! Modular wire shelves adjust to your spacial and sartorial needs, and are easily removed in case you or your family relocate. These are great pieces for a college dorm room space or first apartment!

Hang your clothes according to length from left to right, starting with the shortest items, and gradually increase the hemline. In doing so, you may find you have enough space under your blouses and skirts to install a shelf unit, free-standing shoe rack or hamper. This is particularly helpful with small closet spaces or in children’s closets, where the clothes are small!

Donate your old clothes to a nearby Good Will, Salvation Army or local church. If you haven’t donned that tie-dye-tee in over a year, it’s safe to say you won’t wear it again, so don’t waste precious storage space on keeping it around. When unpacking your summer clothes from last season, make a pile of the things you “forgot you had” and “couldn’t get that stain out of,” you’ll be surprised how cleansing it is to rid yourself of old clutter. Savvy Tip: Research consignment shops in your area to sell items that are barely worn, and you could make a buck-or-two back!

Mission accomplished? Now you have room for all the new items you’ll find during this weekend’s Memorial Day Sale events!

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