Couponing, Reinvented for the Modern World

My Savvy Way has some exciting news to share with our fans.  Based on lots of awesome feedback we received over the past few months, we’re releasing an improved and updated version of our web app, and a select group of our friends and followers can try it out before the official release! The product is a digital wallet that allows you to organize  your coupons, deals, and sales (say goodbye to unused and expired coupons!) while letting you find personalized savings based on your preferences – all in one place (see how it works below).  To test out our upcoming web app, sign up by clicking the “get invited” button here, or send an email to

We also have an iPhone app prototype ready to be tested by you, so look out for updates on how to get invited for the mobile app test.

Here’s what our app does to to reinvent the way you save:

Organize your coupons in one place!

Got a pile of physical coupons and gift cards in your wallet? Simply upload them directly from our iPhone app. No app? Snap a picture from your phone and send it to our magical indexing service. Got digital sales offers and daily deals clogging your multiple e-mail accounts? Forward them to us and we’ll do the rest. It’s free and easy to say goodbye to lost and forgotten coupons.


We’ll find awesome coupons for the things you actually need.

As you upload your coupons and tell us what you like and need, we’ll find you many great personalized savings offers that you may not have seen before with some help from our partners. And the best part is that with one click, you can add any trending offers to your wallet and take them with you anywhere.

Ready to save – anytime, anywhere – for anything.

Those forwarded coupons and added trending offers will now be in your wallet, where we’ll manage and track them for you, so that you’ll never experience expired and unused savings. When you’re ready to shop online or in a store, pull up our website or mobile app and all of your coupons will there, eagerly awaiting your attention and use!


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