Frugal Birthday Ideas!

The staff here at My Savvy Way would just like to say “Happy Birthday!” to the wonderful creator of this company. Her birthday was this past weekend and in honor of her birthday, we would like to give you tips and ideas on how to create a frugal, cost-effective birthday celebration that is appropriate for the warm weather!


A key part to planning a cost-effective celebration is to set a party budget and stick to it. Consider the number of people you’d like to have attend, food, drinks, decoration and entertainment. Once the budget is determined, stay dedicated to sticking to it and then plan the details of the party around that.


Having the party at home or at a park is very cost-effective because it allows you to be more flexible with the number of people you invite and you don’t have to pay rent for space. In warm weather, an outdoor bbq birthday party is fun and easygoing for everyone!



With today’s technology, utilize social media and the internet! Instead of spending extra money on physical invites, send out an email invite or an invite on Facebook! Guests can easily rsvp and let you know about any thoughts they have.


Decorations aren’t always necessary but if you do want them, places like the local dollar store or an iParty have great decorations for good prices! Choosing a specific theme can help you narrow down a couple decorations. For example, for an island bbq theme, iParty sells everything from plastic pineapple shaped cups to cloth leis!


Having a potluck is not only cost-effective, it allows all your friends to showcase their signature dishes! Make one dish yourself and supply the paper products and drinks and let your friends fill in the rest. Another way to save money is to make multiple appetizers for everyone to share and snack on.


At most parties, many people are entertained just by mingling and talking with the other guests at the party. But, plan some side activities on the side to bring a fun vibe to the party. If your party is outdoors at a park, start up a big game of volleyball! If your party is indoors, an fun interactive game like Taboo will get everyone up and enthusiastically competing. Or bring out a portable karaoke machine! Not only will that provide music for your party, it is a fun activity for everyone of all ages to enjoy and will bring a lot of laughs!


We hope that with our tips, your birthday celebration will not only be relaxing for you but also for your wallet!


The Savvy Staff

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