Pinterest-Inspired Outdoor Decor

We recently blogged about how outdoor parties save money by eliminating the need for an expensive venue and get everyone outside to enjoy the summer weather.  But how can you furnish and decorate outside?  Here at My Savvy Way, we searched Pinterest to find the best outdoor decor inspirations, whether you have a huge grassy yard, a back deck, or even a small high-rise balcony.


Paint simple flower pots and hang on the grid of your fence or outdoor trellis to add color and style.  Bonus – Perfect way to garden in a small space!


Hang light bulbs from a tree, a roof or balcony overhang and watch them glimmer in the sun.  Try using colorful ribbons instead of string!


Personalize your fence, shed door, or even picnic table with your family’s name.  Add colorful flags for a party or every day decor.


Use clean glass bottles as vases to hang flowers above your picnic table or around your outdoor party area.


Use chalkboard planters to organize your herbs season after season (these are from Crate & Barrel)

For details on each of these outdoor decor ideas, and more inspiration for decorating your home on a budget, follow us on Pinterest (@mysavvyway)!

-The Savvy Staff

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