How to Shop Organic on a Budget

Who doesn’t like organic products, especially produce and other groceries?  But sometimes it seems that only large chain stores have coupons and deals, and locally grown or organic food is out of your price range.  The Savvy Staff felt the same way, until we discovered these easy ways to save on organic products:


1. Check for online coupons & circulars.  Markdowns and deals aren’t just for national super stores anymore.  As organic grocery stores like Whole Foods expand, they too are beginning to offer a weekly circular filled with markdowns on the healthy, organic food you love!

We’ve highlighted a few of their best offers below (from circular for Boston locations):


organiconabudget3                organiconabudget4

See the full online circular for the complete list of savings for this week, as well as chain wide printable coupons.

2.  Spread your shopping out across multiple stores.  This option takes more of a time commitment, but if you’re dedicated to getting organic products at the best possible price, splitting your shopping between different retailers can definitely help.  Search local stores for what departments are cheapest, for example, one store may have the best deals on organic fruits and vegetables, while another may have meats and cheeses at a lower cost.  A great example of this strategy at work is Trader Joe’s. While some of TJ’s organic products may be expensive, they have very reasonably priced produce (bananas are 19 cents!), frozen organic foods, and wine.  By exploring a variety of retailers, you will discover what to purchase at each shop for the best deal.

3. Visit local farmer’s markets throughout the year.  Farmer’s markets have a stigma of being expensive and not worth the drive, but  because they only sell what’s in season and don’t need to account for transportation costs, they can often offer low prices on local produce.  Sites like Local Harvest, allow shoppers to locate farmer’s markets, family farms and other sustainable food shops in their area.


We checked out Russo’s Market in Watertown, MA to find out how affordable their products really are, compared to larger chain stores.  It may be surprising, but though Russo’s is small, they offer weekly sales on produce, deli and bakery items.  If you are willing to shop produce based on what’s in season, shopping local markets like Russo’s can definitely be a money-saver.  Russo’s has potatoes, green beans, cantaloupe, peaches, and plums all for $.79-$1.98 a pound!  You can find all their deals for this week here.

What’s your secret for shopping organic on a budget?

-The Savvy Staff

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