Host a Cooking Competition!

Do you love food and love to get together with your friends? We have the best idea to melt those two together into an amazing event…host a cooking competition! cookingcompetition
A cooking competition allows you and your friends to enjoy each other’s company while eating a great variety of food made by each other. The competition aspect also brings in a fun vibe to the whole event! The staff here at My Savvy Way recently participated in a cooking competition ourselves and it was absolutely divine! We want to share with you how our system worked and our thoughts and ideas on how you can have the best time ever! Starting off Start by gathering up a group of friends to participate! Then decide on the different categories! We personally split our competition up into three categories: appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Each guest should choose one category to be a part of. It doesn’t matter the level of cooking a person possesses. This party is for beginners as well as experts and the place to try out recipes for the first time! Venue Set a time, date and place! Choose a person’s house where there is enough room for all attending and enough kitchen space for multiple chefs at a time. Since the weather has been so beautiful, we had an outdoor event! cookingcompetition2
Tidbits – Ask everyone to choose one dish to make for their category. But make small portions! Our competition had nine competitors so by the end of the ninth dish, everyone was so full so small tapas portions are perfect. – You can find things like fancy-looking multi-use plastic cups at stores like iParty and Target that give a dish some class when served. cookingcompetition3
– Do simple preparations like chopping beforehand but do the cooking at the hostess’s house for fresh food! – Make sure that there are plenty of dishes! Small dishes are easy to clean and just perfect for the amount of food from each dish that should be served. – Restrict everyone from voting within their own category! That way, no one will vote for themselves and the results are unbiased. – Give it a fun twist by setting a rule or requiring a secret ingredient! At our competition, everything was required to be grilled including the dessert! – Make the presentation of the dish a priority as well! cookingcompetition4
Bonus idea: Ask everyone to print out a copy of their recipe and collect them all to compile your very own ‘cooking competition cookbook!’ Scoring There are plenty of ways to score. A way that we found easy was to give everyone two sheets of paper for the two categories they are allowed to vote in and have them write the name of the person they favored most in both categories! We hope everyone enjoys our suggestions! A cooking competition is such a fun twist on a party and it was so much cheaper to have a 9-course meal at this event than at a restaurant! The food was so delicious that we finished it all right down to the bone! cookingcompetition5
If you do host one, let us know how it went and if there was some system that was very effective for you! We’d love to hear about it. Love, The Savvy Staff

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