Spoon Yourself Healthy with Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is creamy, indulgent and a great source of protein and calcium.  We’ve all had yogurt with granola for breakfast, or mixed with fruit for a mid-afternoon treat, but its true benefits go beyond snacking.  Chobani, one of the most popular Greek yogurt brands, published the conversion chart below, demonstrating how yogurt can be used as a healthy substitute for butter, oil, sour cream, and even mayo!  Check out the helpful guide below:


Use yogurt instead of high fat ingredients in your favorite dips, pastries and sauces.  While you’re at it, try out these Mashed Potatoes from the Chobani web site.  Thick, creamy potatoes with less cream and butter?  We’re in!

Like many healthy foods, Greek yogurt can be expensive.  Thankfully, Chobani offers online coupons right on their site!  By filling in your name & email address here, you can get the below coupons for large, individual, and kid-sized yogurts.  And the best part –  you can print up to 3 of each coupon!

Snag these deals and get shopping, cooking, and eating guilt free!  Don’t forget to organize these coupons, along with your other offers on My Savvy Way’s web app.  Sign up here to test it out!  We’d love to help you organize your savings, and simplify your life.

-The Savvy Staff

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