Make a Small Room Bigger!

Happy hump day everyone!
We know that it can be difficult to decorate a small space without making it seem confining and overwhelming, so we have some tips on how to make a room seem bigger!

1) Wall Color


The color of your walls can easily be the defining factor between the room feeling cozy or open, warm or cold. Choosing colors on the lighter end of the spectrum like white, icy blues and creams can make a room appear larger. It’s somewhat like an optical illusion! Lighter colors make a room seem bigger and more airy.

2) Mirrors


Mirrors are an easy and quick way to give the illusion of more space. A big wall mirror that is placed so that it reflects light or a focal point like a window with a view can make a room look bigger. A mirror placed on narrow wall can make the wall seem wider!

3) Lighting


Lighting plays a big role in making a space seem larger. Natural light is the best if you have windows in the room. Take full advantage of them by keeping window treatments pulled back or using light treatments like sheer or flowy white curtains. If you don’t have access to natural light, items like overhead hanging lights and lamps with white lights can give a room a bright wash of light. Keep the lampshades light-colored.

4) Multi-purpose Furniture


Too much furniture can quickly clutter up a small room and make it seem too busy. Use multi-purpose funiture like a television console that has doors so you can store anything underneath and still hide it. An ottoman or coffee table with hidden storage space underneath is also a great way to minimize furniture.

5) Clutter


Less is definitely more in a small room. Keep the room as simple as possible. Avoid excess accessories in the room. Don’t cover the walls with pictures. A single large picture will work better than multiple small photos. And try to keep this room neat and tidy as much possible. In a small room the key phrase is “less is more!”

The Savvy Staff

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