Create a Study Space for the New School Year

No one likes homework, but whether you are a college student, or have kids of your own in school, studying is important. In order to make sure schoolwork gets done on time, it’s important to set up a routine at home. Along with time scheduling and planning, create a designated space for studying and homework to be done. Even in a small home or apartment, you can create an ideal study space for yourself or your child with the right organization and supplies.  Here’s some steps to get started –

1. Choosing your space.  Before setting up a study zone, you have to consider what environment helps you work best.  For example, think about how noisy or silent the space should be, if it needs to be by a window, and if it would be better in a bedroom or a common space like your living room.  If the space is for your child, pay attention to when they work best, but also ask for their input.  Remember, if they are happy with their area, there is more motivation for them to spend time there studying!  Make sure to measure the area before purchasing a desk, hutch, bookshelf, etc.  Don’t worry if your space is small, small desks with drawers and cubbies can work as both a desk and shelves.  Here are some desks we love at reasonable prices –

createastudyspace Children’s table with 2 chairs ($19.99, Ikea)

createastudyspace2 Simple desk ($20.00, Ikea)

createastudyspace3 Desk with bookcase ($74.99, Ikea)

2. Stocking up with supplies.  Once your desk area is set up, it’s time to stock the area with necessary tools for success. While a college student may use a laptop and calculator, younger children need art supplies, folders, and colorful paper.  These are our must-have desk supplies for kids –

  • Desk lamp – because good lighting is important at any age
  • Chair – appropriate sizing is important to put them at the right height for their desk
  • Desk tools – pencils, pens, staplers, tape, paper and other age-appropriate supplies
  • Art supplies – crayons, scissors, construction paper, markers, glue
  • Calendar  – helps them prioritize and learn to set and track deadlines
  • Timer – keeps kids on track when working on multiple assignments
  • Extra seating space – if there’s room, a comfy beanbag chair can help with longer reading assignments
  • Bulletin board – showcasing A papers, good test scores and artwork keeps kids motivated

Here’s some great deals to deck out your new space:

createastudyspace4Organizer Desk Lamp has outlet & spaces for paperclips, tacks, etc.($11.47,

createastudyspace5  BeanSack Microfiber Chair gives kids a comfy place to read with the back support they need to stay awake ($34.99,

createastudyspace6  My Week Magnetic Wipeable Calendar helps young kids learn to plan & organize ($19.99,

createastudyspace7 Art Set includes markers, pencils, crayons, paint & more all for under $10! ($9.99,

3. Finding out what works.  Once you have created a study area and stocked it with supplies, make sure to keep an eye on how your child uses it, making sure the setup works for them.  Don’t worry if the new space doesn’t instantly improve their study habits; any new routine takes time.  You can always reconfigure the furniture placement, add new supplies, etc.  The important thing is that your child feels comfortable there, and gets used to spending time on their homework!

-The Savvy Staff

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