Restaurant Week!


Sunday, August 19th was the start of Restaurant Week here in Boston! This event stretches for about two weeks from August 19th-August 24th and August 26th-August 31st with nearly 200 restaurants participating!

Basically how Restaurant Week works, is that the participating restaurants create a prix fixe menu especially for the two weeks! Customers can choose a 2-3 course meal for a set price!

Set Prices

2-course lunch: $15.12

3-course lunch: $20.12

3-course dinner: $33.12

Restaurant week is a great way to try out that one expensive restaurant that you wouldn’t normally have a full meal at! For us, it was Grill 23 on Berkeley Street in Boston.


*Rule of thumb is to always make a reservation to guarantee your spot! Restaurant Week draws in tons of people so make sure you get in by calling ahead!

Grill 23 is a premier steakhouse in Boston. As in, you should not wear flip flops or holey jeans there. And the normal menu is pretty pricey.

The Restaurant Week menu gave 2 or 3 options for each course that guests can choose from.


The dishes were delicious and up to par with the restaurant itself, not skimped just because it was at a lower price for Restaurant Week.

The first dish we chose was the Ragu Bolognese which was wagon wheels with bolognese sauce and fresh ricotta. This was a substantial dish that felt more like it could be a main dish than just an appetizer.


Since Grill 23 is a steakhouse, we figured that the best choice for the entree would be the steak! This dish was a Denver steak with a twice-baked potato and creamed corn. We now understand why Grill 23 is so known for their beef. The steak was cooked well to your order and the sides were delicious as well.


For dessert, we chose the Chocolate Marquis. Not exactly sure what all the components of this dessert were… but if you love chocolate, this is for you!


Just to give everyone an idea of the prices, all the cuts of beef a la carte are over $32. For a 3-course meal with sides and everything is $33.12. An amazing deal in our opinion. You can take a look at the Grill 23 menu yourself here.

Here are some dates for Restaurant Weeks in other cities!

New York City, NY: August 13th- September 3rd (Saturdays excluded)
Check out the event here.

Alexandria, VA: August 17th- August 26th
Check out the event here.

Austin, TX: September 23rd- September 26th & September 30th- October 3rd
Check out the event here.

Baltimore, MD: January 25th- February 3rd 2013
Check out the event here.

Cleveland, OH: February 25th – March 3rd 2013
Check out the event here.

Houston, TX: August 1st- August 31st
Check out the event here.

Honolulu, HI: November 12th- November 18th
Check out the event here.

Philadelphia, PA: September 30th- October 5th & October 7th- October 12th
Check out the event here.

San Diego, CA: September 16th- September 21st
Check out the event here.

See more Restaurant Weeks in other cities here!

Look for your city and go out and try that one restaurant that you always wanted to try. Restaurant Week is the best opportunity to!


The Savvy Staff

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