How to Take Advantage of Your School’s Parent-Teacher Organization

By now your back-to-school routine should be smoothing out -but the afterschool and weekend activities have only just begun!  If you feel like you’re at your wit’s end, you’re not the only one!  There are so many options to choose from – soccer, dance, swimming, baseball, football, music, and so on. So, how do you know which organization or activity is best for your child? Who are your best resources to turn to?  I found my best resource has been the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), especially when I felt like “the new kid on the block” as transplant to Massachusetts after college. The PTO at my children’s school is a network of individuals who are knowledgeable about the resources in the community – before/after-school care programs, recreational activities, restaurants, contractors, and much, much more.  They are also up-to-date on current extracurricular and weekend activities you can take advantage of immediately, or learn more about for use in the future.

parentteacher                       parentteacher2

Also, be sure to check-in with your PTO to see how you can give back by volunteering!  Elementary school students love seeing their parents helping out with their school activities. Perhaps you can chaperone a school trip, or volunteer as a classroom parent, in the library, or at a special event.  The PTO both provides valuable enrichment activities for the students, and thrives with the support of the parents and families of its school!


–  Denise Lau, My Savvy Way contributor, mom of Lexi and Livi

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