Get Sewing with Spoonflower!

Who else watches Project Runway?  I’ve always loved the show.  Recently, I decided to teach myself to sew.  That resulted in my newest obsession:  fabric hoarding.  So I will share with you one of my favorite finds!  You know how on the show there’s an episode where the designers get to make a design and it gets sent off to be produced into a fabric that they need to construct a garment out of?  Have you ever thought it’d be cool to do that yourself?  YOU CAN!


Spoonflower is a hidden gem that allows you to either upload your own design and purchase it or buy someone else’s design. You essentially get to design your own fabric in a variety of cuts and fabrics –  either way it’s not your typical fabric store experience!  If you’re like me, I’m sure you like to feel the fabric and look at what the colors are like. Let’s face it, often times what we order (of anything) online is very different from what we actually get. So before you start your creative juices, you can order the fabric swatches and a color guide for $1 each (shipping is free).


If sewing isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be excited to read that today Spoonflower announced the launch of their wallpaper and wall decals. Now you don’t have to hunt through websites looking for that perfect match or that design that you hope someone made. You can design it yourself!  I should mention that Spoonflower isn’t the cheapest place you can go to, to find fabrics and wall décor. However, it will be unique and it would be exactly what you wanted, so it’s worth stopping by and checking it out. We aren’t in any way affiliated with Spoonflower, we just really like the idea of having a place to design what you want the way you want it.

Now, go and have some fun. Be prepared, it is a major time suck, but oh so worth it! When you’re done, send us a link of what you’ve created or post some pictures of what you’ve done with your new purchases.

Here’s how Spoonflower works:

New to the site?  If you haven’t already redeemed it, do not forget to get your free fat quarter (cut of fabric) from Spoonflower! Pick up a design, or create your own.

Enter ETSYPARTY12 at checkout to redeem!

– Mychelle, My Savvy Way contributor, mom of Kyle & Alyson



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