Kids Clothes Week Challenge 2012!

Have you ever wanted to put something on your kids that was homemade by you?  Do you have projects that you’ve wanted to start but never did?  Or perhaps you’re like me and started a project and never finished.


(Say hello to the one pumpkin slipper that I made for my daughter.  A year later and that poor lonely shoe is still waiting for me to make its mate!)

If so, next week is the perfect time to rectify the situation.  Next week is Fall 2012 Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  Blogger, Elsie Marley challenges everyone to spend 7 days, 1 hour a day, working on some type of kids’ clothes.  Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to an hour a day or even sewing for that matter.


Ideally next week, I would love to be working on this dress,


the Village Frock from Sugar City.  But they have since stopped making the pattern and it has become a highly sought item.  So, my only recourse is to try to figure out how to make it myself.  However, since I am a novice and am teaching myself to sew – thank you technology and blogs!  How did anyone ever learn to do anything before the internet? – I will most likely be working on less ambitious endeavors.

Instead, I will be working (I should say reworking) my son’s Halloween costume.  He is going to be Super Grover 2.0.  I can’t stand the thought of spending $$$ on an outfit he’ll only use for a couple hours and be done with.  So this year, I decided to make his costume in a way that he can use it after Halloween is over.  So the plan was to make a blue hoodie with a matching blue (fleece) pants.  We bought him a silver helmet and his Auntie Kathleen got him a Super Grover cape as part of his birthday present.  However, mommy still hasn’t figured out her sizing issues.  His hoodie was too small, in fact, it barely fit his 2.5 years younger sister.  OOPS!


Once that’s done, I’ll make another version of my retro dress (also too small) and the overall shorts (also too small, so was converted to just plain shorts).  Perhaps I should stick to patterns instead of making things up as I go?   But it’s just too much fun to not try it myself!


So, what will you be working on?  Be sure to take some pictures so you can share!

– Mychelle, My Savvy Way contributor, mom of Kyle & Alyson





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