Using the Fall to Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter

If you live in a place like we do here in New England where the winters are freezing cold and it snows, then this will definitely help you!
We know firsthand that our lawns don’t look so great come winter. What many don’t know is that there are ways to use the fall season to prepare your lawn beforehand for the harsh cold!


Here are a few tips to help you make your garden look the best it can be before and after the winter.


Preparing your lawn

The fall is the key time to feed your lawn! Cool weather grasses like fescue and ryegrass should be fertilized twice during the fall. The first time fertilizing should be in late September/early October and the second time fertilizing should be roughly around Thanksgiving. These grasses can store nutrients through the winter so come spring, they look better and can bounce back faster.


Now is the time to reseed your lawn if it’s looking sparse or damaged. If the cold is quickly approaching, try a grass like perennial ryegrass which germinates quickly.

Don’t Prune Too Much

Many people prune when winter approaches because they want to keep their plants and shrubs at a minimum for when they go dormant. Pruning actually promotes growth so pruning too much isn’t a good thing!


Autumn is the best time to transplant trees and shrubs because there aren’t other external factors like heat that the plants have to worry about. They can establish their roots with the most ease possible.

Autumn just started but winter feels like it’s fast approaching so start prepping your lawns now!


The Savvy Staff

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