Monday Inspiration!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today’s inspiration is actually an anecdote. Have you ever watched the Liberty Mutual commercial where they’re implying that good deeds inspire other good deeds? It has to be one of my favorite commercials for several reasons. I like seeing the ripple effect of one good deed. This weekend made me think of that.


This weekend, I went grocery shopping with my little boy and as we were approaching the main door, he asked me if he could ride the merry-go-round (the ones that run on 50 cents). I searched my entire person but I simply didn’t have any change on me, so I asked him if we could do it after we do some grocery shopping since I’ll have change then. As I finished saying this to him, a stranger walked up to us and fished two quarters from his pockets and wished us a good day. He obviously was in a rush as he dashed in and was already at the checkout counter by the end of Kyle’s ride. On his way out, he wished us a good day again.

After that incident, I couldn’t stop smiling all day. It was such a simple gesture but it made my boy happy and I could’ve sworn he had the biggest smile on his face as he rode that merry-go-round. This young man didn’t have to stop and he certainly didn’t have to give me his money, but he did and it made my day. So, thank you Stranger for your simple gesture of kindness.

His actions really inspired me to want to do something for someone else. So, go ahead and do something nice for the next stranger you meet and leave knowing that you’ve made someone extremely happy to be the recipient of an unexpected act of kindness.

–  Mychelle, My Savvy Way contributor, mom of Kyle & Alyson

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