Give an Old Toy a New Shake!

In my house, we have two young kids, 4 year old boy and a 1 year old girl.  We all know what that means: chaos.  Every so often that also means another broken toy.  That doesn’t mean you have to throw it away.  You can repurpose them.

Today, my daughter broke one of those plastic Mardi Gras bead necklace.  I threw away the really small pieces and saved the larger pieces.


I looked around the house for some small plastic container with a good tight seal.  You can also use those plastic Easter eggs.  We save all of ours to either reuse the following year or to repurpose them.   Saving those plastic eggs isn’t going to save you a whole lot of money seeing how they’re dirt cheap, but saving the landfills from all that plastic is going to make you feel good.  Plus there are a number of great things you can do with them.  Today’s shakers is one, we’ll show you more ideas next time.


Put in some beads in each container and seal it off.  I use crafting glue just to make sure they don’t accidentally open up.  I am guessing maybe even a hot glue gun would work, though I haven’t tried that.

Now you’ve turned a broken toy into some new musical instrument for your kids to play with.  If you don’t have a broken bead necklace but want to make some shakers, you can use some common household items like dry rice or beans.  We’ve made some egg shakers for my son’s classmates during Easter time.  They were a bit hit during music and movement time.

Since I was making them today for my daughter, I decided to use the plastic container with a screw cap just to be doubly sure.


How do you repurpose old and/or broken toys?  We’d love to see some of your ideas.

– Mychelle, My Savvy Way contributor, mom of Kyle & Alyson



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