Weather-proofing Your Wardrobe

We hope that everyone is staying safe and warm after Sandy’s visit to the east coast.  If you are reading this, that means your power and internet is on, which is a good sign!  In light of this windy, rainy weather, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to dress for the varying weather of the fall season.  Bundling up is easy, but looking good while doing so may be hard!  Although in hurricane weather, style is far from a concern, it is helpful to consider how to weather-proof fashionably for the usual rainy days and – if you’re from New England – the beginning of the snow season.

It’s no secret that we love Pinterest, so we first hit the boards for some weather-proof fashion inspiration for how to dress for warm fall showers, cold freezing rain, and everything in between.  Here are some of our favorite cute and functional looks:


For warm rainy days.


For a casual weekend stroll.


For a classy & sophisticated rainy day look.


For cozy fall layering.


For protecting yourself (and your hair!) from the weather without an umbrella.

As you can see, rainboots, jackets and umbrellas can be worn with different outfits depending on the season, temperature or severity of the storm.  Whether you like tall boots or boat shoes, colorful raincoats or neutral trenches, here are some great products for fashion-friendly weather-proof outfits!

Shoes & Boots


Water-proof ballet flats from J.Crew provide a subtle option for rainy day footwear.  ($58)


 Hunter “duck shoe” flats offer a mix between a shoe and a boot.  ($115)


Tall hunter boots come in a variety of colors.  These can double as snow boots with a warm liner!

Raincoats & Jackets


This North Face raincoat is lightweight enough for a summer rain, but can be layered for fall storms. ($99)


Who says rainwear needs to be drab?  This bright yellow trench is available while supplies last at Anthro!


For more severe weather, try this long insulated jacket from Isis. ($118 at REI)



Score this classic red and white Umbrella Corporation umbrella. ($17)


Stay chic & stylish with this ruffled polka-dot umbrella!


This bright yellow umbrella will keep you cheerful even on the rainiest day! ($18 at ModCloth)

We hope you stay dry this fall season, and remember to keep your weather-proof fashion fun & stylish!

-The Savvy Staff

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