Saving Money on Birthdays

Growing up, my parents never threw birthday parties for my siblings and me primarily because they did not have the means and time to celebrate. To them, it seemed extravagant and unnecessary to celebrate anyone’s birthday.

Despite my parents’ view of birthdays, I have come to view birthdays as the perfect occasion to celebrate life, family, and friends. As Abraham Lincoln wisely said, “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Each year, I celebrate 20 family members’ birthdays alone. That doesn’t include close friends and my children’s friends. This weekend, I will be celebrating and shopping for 5 birthdays — my son’s 3rd, my friends’ daughter’s 4th, and three of my daughter’s friends’ 6th birthdays. It’s going to be a fun weekend! As exciting and fun birthdays may be, they can place financial stress on families. Here are some ways to send some love and best wishes on this special milestone without breaking the bank:

Save on birthday cards. Birthday cards, especially when bought individually, at $2.99+ can add up.

  1. Get crafty with handmade cards – my daughter loves to draw and make her own birthday cards for family and friends. It’s personal and thoughtful!
  2. Buy an assorted box of birthday cards from your favorite store. I recently purchased a simple and beautiful set from Paper Source. Amazon, Papyrus, and Brook Hallow Cards have a great selection of assorted cards that are more affordable than purchasing individual cards.
  3. Send free animated and fun eCards. Here are some great sites to check out.


Stock up on sales. I keep an eye out for awesome deals and sales when possible. Recently, Haute Look had an amazing sale on Melissa & Doug and Alex Toys, and it was a great opportunity to stock up on kids toys.

  1. Flash sale sites like Haute Look, Rue La La, My Habit, and Gilt have deals and sales daily.
  2. Scholastic Book Club has great deals on books. It’s free to join.


Wrap it up! I stock up on universal wrapping paper when they go on sale. Most times, you can find great deals at greeting stores after holidays and seasons.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


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