DIY Holiday Table Settings

Want to make your Holiday dinner party or family meal festive and inviting without spending extra cash?  Try these quick and easy DIY table settings!  Whether you’re going for glam, classic, rustic or something in between, one of these ideas — or a variation! — is sure to work for your decorating needs.

Festive Napkin Rings

Have your guests unwrap their napkins like a present!  Use leftover wrapping paper, rickrack (or ribbon) and double-sided tape.  Simply cut strips of paper roughly 1 1/2 inches wide and five inches long (size will vary depending on napkin’s thickness). Wrap the paper around the napkins, and secure ends with the tape. Cut out 6-inch strips of rickrack or ribbon and tie around the wrapping paper bands for a finished look.


Snowy Table Top

Create a delicately chic, snowflake table runner!  First, collect enough doilies in different sizes and shapes to run the length of the table you want to cover.  You (or your mother or grandmother) probably have a few of these packed away, but if not, check craft stores or even eBay to score a few!  Also, don’t forget that paper doilies can be used in a pinch. Once you have enough pieces, lay them out across the table however you like.  Consider sewing the doilies together with a piece of thin white thread for a runner you can use year after year.


Bow Place Setting

Keep your place settings simple, yet stunning with a peace of pretty, wide ribbon.  Choose satin, organza, or even anything you have left over from gift wrapping!  Just wrap each place setting with the ribbon, the way you would wrap a gift box.  You can even save and reuse any ribbons that are still clean and usable after dinner!


Glass Bottle Candle Holders

Simply wrap glass wine bottles with wrapping paper and tie on a bow for an easy and classy candle lit centerpiece.


Happy Decorating!

-The Savvy Staff




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