Winter Activities for Kids and Adults

The sun is still shining.

It may be cold to play.

But don’t sit in the house,

and do nothing that day.

We have some fun cool things

to do during this season

For the kids and parents

To enjoy with reason.

Happy Holidays from the Unclipt Team!

Winter Bubbles

by Parents Connect

If the weather is just right below freezing, take your kids out in their monster mittens and hats to blow some bubbles. With the colder weather, the bubbles will last longer and give parents the opportunity to really capture the moment before the bubbles burst.


Monster Mittens

by Martha Stewart

If you’re having a hard time getting your child to wear gloves or mittens, try personalizing them with fun shapes and colors. This way, you can get your child to make, wear, and play with his/her mittens.


Paper Snowflakes

by Instructables

 Decorate your house with paper snowflakes, while helping your little ones train his/her hand muscles and fine motor skills.


Snow Globe
by Martha Stewart
Create a winter wonderland inside your home with a few empty jars, plastic toys, glue, and glitter. Water and glitter together alone will amaze a child for hours.
Snow Painting
by  Really Quite Lucky Blog
Take the artwork outside and let your kids have fun painting in the snow with this do-it-yourself activity. A snow masterpiece is waiting to be snapped and shared with the rest of the family.





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