VienneMilano Feed & Gift Card Give-a-Way!

You may remember our earlier posts about VienneMilano, the first luxury hosiery brand and online boutique dedicated exclusively to thigh high stockings.  The brand offers elegant thigh highs that aren’t just lingerie, but can be incorporated into every day work, weekend and date night outfits — and of course, with your favorite holiday dress!  Their products are Made In Italy for women who want to reveal their style and confidence by being elegant, playful, and sexy in every occasion.


VienneMilano offers accessible luxury and style to women of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Prices start at just $29, making the brand much more affordable than other high-end hosiery, and is made to be durable and lasting, as well as luxurious.  Instead of buying multiple pairs of cheap stockings that easily rip, tear and stretch out, you can invest in a few great pairs to wear season after season!

This holiday season, we decided to put VM’s product to the test.  Two members of our team tested the Claudia Microfiber 50 denier black thigh highs (pictured below).  As a first pair, these are a no-brainer because they are warm, comfortable, classic and go with everything!  As someone who loves wearing dresses year-round, these stockings provided a perfect alternative to the usual cheap convenient store tights (which don’t actually provide warmth, and rip after one or two wears) and too-thick leggings.  The versatility of the thigh high style is also a huge plus!  These stockings have a no-slip band that keeps them up throughout the day, eliminating the need for uncomfortable slipping and embarrassing adjustments.



Another great aspect of VM hosiery is the ability to choose the denier, or thickness, of your thigh highs.  VienneMilano hosiery is made with a variety of materials (eg: silk, microfiber, cashmere), ranging from 8 denier (which is your traditional sheer hosiery) to 150 denier, which is thick, providing ideal warmth and comfort for the colder months.  We tried out a 50 denier which was perfect for wearing to the office or a day of holiday shopping.  The stockings provided enough warmth to spend some time outside without being too cold, but were not so thick as to be uncomfortable indoors.  I would probably choose a lighter denier like 8 for a night out or a holiday party, while hosiery with 150 denier would be perfect for a day of ice skating or cutting down the Christmas tree!


After trying out VM’s hosiery, we feel it is a great staple for any winter wardrobe, and love how easy it is to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.  We’d love for all our followers to have a chance to try out a pair (or two)!  To see what VM has in stock for the season, and keep tabs on their new items and promotions, follow the VienneMilano feed on Unclipt, (you can always take an extra 10% off all orders with our code: “Unclipt”)!


As our holiday gift to you, we are also giving away a $20 gift certificate towards your next thigh high purchase!  Be sure to follow the VienneMilano feed before Wednesday, 12/19 to enter.

— The Savvy Staff





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