Gifts Any Fashionista Will Love (under $25)!

Sometimes, our stylish and trendy friends are the most difficult to shop for — even if we know exactly what they want, it’s often out of our price range!  And of course, there are the girls who seem to always be on top of the latest fashions, who we’re pretty sure already have everything they could want in their closets.  When shopping for the fashionistas in our lives this season, we’re keeping our budget in check with these five tips (and gift ideas) that are sure to please even the most on-trend girl on your list:

1) Opt for something original and handmade, that you’re sure can’t be found on department store shelves.  The most budget-friendly option is to DIY, but if you’re as busy as we are this holiday season, you may choose to buy instead.  Try a scarf or wrap in a fun pattern from Etsy, like the one below (just $16).  Patterned infinity scarves are a fun accent to any outfit, and you won’t have to worry about sizing issues!


2)  Gift a beauty item, rather than clothing.  A girl can never have too many nail polishes or eye shadow hues!  She’s sure to appreciate your gift, because it will save her a trip to the store as her makeup selection runs low.  Not sure what her color of choice is?  Try a gift set to ensure you have her favorite options covered, and give her some new shades to experiment.  These nail polish and eye shadow collections from e.l.f. cosmetics are the perfect choice!  And at just $10 and $14, you can afford to buy both:



3)  Get creative with a stylish gift that fits her lifestyle.  Sure, your friend may have the best clothes and accessories, but what about something that will let her showcase her flair at home, at work, or on-the-go.  If she’s a mom, think a cute tote that can double as a diaper bag.  If she’s a fitness junkie, a bright patterned water bottle or yoga mat could brighten her daily work-out routine.  Get the idea?  We love the Tory Burch for Target lunch box and thermos pictured below, for all our working friends who bring their own lunches to the office each day!  Help your friend show her style in the break room with these cute lunch time necessities for $20 (lunch box) or $25 (thermos).



4) Choose a classic and collectable piece.  Even for someone who follows changing trends very closely, it’s always nice to have a few classic accessories that can be worn regardless of what’s in style that week.  For an accessory that can be worn season after season, we love Alex and Ani bracelets.  The best part about these accessories?  There are literally hundreds of styles!  That means you can never have too many, they are very stackable and collectable, and there’s sure to be a charm that’s perfect for every fashionista on your list!  Oh, and did we mention they range in price from $24 – $38?  What a steal!  Here’s a classic Alex and Ani bracelet we love, for $24:


5)  Give her a tech accessory that fits her style.  This year, nearly everyone on our lists has smart phones, tablets, lap tops, iPods, etc.  When everyone in your circle of friends has similar (if not the same!) phones and other devices, it’s important to be able to tell who’s is who’s at a glance — and a little bit of style can’t hurt!  Although cases at the Apple store or your cell service provider’s shop may be nearly $40, there are more budget-friendly alternatives available.  Check local boutiques, as well as Amazon and Etsy online.  Here’s a collection of studded cases we love from Etsy, that are unique and trendy, for $16.00 each:


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