Unused Office Supplies = Quick Kitchen Re-Organization

Today is December 20th, which means you only have 5 more days to get the house in order for your guests this Christmas!  What better room to start with than the heart of the home — the kitchen.  If your kitchen is clean, but still suffering from cluttered items without a home, give these easy DIY ideas a try!  These quick fixes use items you likely already have in your living room or home office, and repurpose them for an effortless kitchen organization.  So easy, you’ll wonder why no one though of these sooner:

Store thin boxes containing kitchen essentials like plastic wrap, wax paper and tin foil in an old magazine rack.  Place the rack on unused counter space or attach to the inside of a cabinet door for easy access.



Use a metal folder organizer to store cookie sheets or cutting boards upright, making them easy to see and select.  This can double as an extra drying rack during cookie baking sessions.


Keep plastic bags neat in an empty wipes container or tissue box.



Organize your Tupperware lids with old CD holders to avoid avalanches when searching for the matching container.


Happy Organizing!

– The Savvy Staff





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