Blog We Love: The Budget Fashionista!

This week we were honored to be reviewed by a savvy style blog we follow and enjoy — The Budget Fashionista, also known by their readers as TBF.  Fashionista Kathryn Finney founded TBF blog in 2003, from a love of style, and a lack of cash. Over the last ten years, TBF has been featured in over 600 media outlets, including the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, E!/Style, and Fox News, and has been profiled in The New York Times, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, and InStyle.

tbf Why is TBF so special?

Amidst thousands of style blogs out there, TBF stands out as a voice for real girls who want to look fabulous, and still be able to pay their bills.  The writers realize that between expensive high end fashion, and discount store shopping there lies a wide middle ground, and many of today’s women are part of this landscape.


How to browse the site:

If you’re exploring TBF blog for the first time, you’ll find there are many topic areas and categories of posts to choose from, including top stories, deals, advice, style guides and beauty.  If you know what you’re interested in , it’s easy to navigate the blog through the header bar and the search option!  Not sure where to look?  Here’s some top posts from various categories to get you started:

How to find their deals, anytime, anywhere:
You can explore TBF’s site on your computer or on your mobile phone.  Interested in quickly browsing their best steals and deals?  You can also follow TBF’s feed on Unclipt to easily stay up to date on their savvy deals!  Sound good?  Here’s a sample of some of the great TBF finds on Unclipt right now:
Modcloth Panel Moderator Dress in Plus Size, $15.99
ALDO Rittman clutch, $39.99
Stairway to Chic Bodycon Dress, $17.99
Keds Champion Originals, $19.99

Happy shopping, fashionistas!





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