Fire Opal – A Gallery of American-Made Treasures

Inspired. Artisan. Dream.



From non-profit managers to local business owners, Sue Stein and her husband, Steve Murakishi, have been pursuing their passion to bring an artisan gallery of the best American-made jewelry, clothing, pottery, and home decor to two vibrant communities — Brookline and Jamaica Plain — since 1984.  While both stores offer similar handcrafted products, they have different personalities and collections to reflect their respective communities. Sue carefully curates a selection of beautiful clothing and jewelry for the Brookline location, which emanates charm and sophistication as you walk into the store. Steve brings out an eclectic and fun vibe in the hipster chic Jamaica Plain store that carries a wide selection of home decor from modern metal artwork to classic baroque mirrors as well as a plethora of wedding bands and fun jewelry.

We quickly and completely fell in love with these stores and their pieces after learning about how each one is created by the artist and selected by Sue or Steve. We hope you will stop in to say hi and admire old-fashion artisan crafts that have been redefined for the modern woman and man.

What inspired you to open your store?

“Fire Opal has been around 29 years. I previously worked in non-profit management and a gallery years ago. I discovered this world of jewelry and working with artists and loved it immediately. When this store was for sale, I thought it was a great fit and I decided to buy it.”

What are your most popular products?

“We focus a lot on clothing and jewelry, and everything is made in the US from over 200 local artists. It’s sort of a small American craft gallery. Clothing and engagement rings have really grown over the past few years. We choose every single piece based on colors, texture, how tailored it is to the body, and the versatility of the piece. When picking jewelry, we’re really picking a body of work that can go together really well. Because of this, the store is about 40% jewelry and 40% clothing.”

What do you think differentiates you from big box retailers and online stores, like Etsy?

“Etsy is not curated, so you have to weed through everything to find the interesting pieces. We find the real interesting pieces and bring them all here. What is so important with jewelry is the sizing and the quality, and you can’t tell that over the internet. You are also often stuck with the purchases you make even if something is wrong, whereas we just send it back to the artist to fix the issue.”

How would your existing customers describe your store?

“A lot of our customers like being able to come in, whether it’s for a gift or something for themselves. They’ll be able to find a large selection, all of great quality, and without having to go to the mall. The store is eclectic, but in a well curated way.”

What motivates you everyday?

“The challenge to keep a small business going, and keep a vibrant community around it.”

What are your favorite local shops?

“The Pod in Brookline Village and Tiny Hanger around the corner. I love shopping when on vacation, and I think a lot of our customers are that way. They hear about the store from friends or family, and then come back every year when they’re visiting.”

Brookline Location

The Brookline location offers a large selection of modern jewelry that stands out among the rest because of its elegant, yet practical appeal for all women.

Coolidge Corner
320 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 739-9066





JP Location

The Jamaica Plain location radiates a funkier vibe than its sister store in Brookline.  Like its culturally diverse and vibrant neighborhood, the store is a blend of different unique items that are hipster chic with a larger selection at different price points.

638 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(617) 524-0262








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